Titled: "Twilight Zone"

Northern Lights √ Moon √ Police Truck √ Sunset colour √

Taken shortly after a sunset added some night colours that the moon highlighted hitting the clouds.

Location: Tuktoyaktuk, NT

Titled: "Vivid Arctic Beauty"

When you drive to the top of North America you can find an Arctic Ocean Sign. Hopefully it was your intention, else you would be extremely off track. Either the start or end of many adventure travellers journeys. 

Location: Tuktoyaktuk, NT

Titled: "Secluded"

Just outside of Tuktoyaktuk on the newly constructed all season road from Inuvik. The Pingo Ibyuk (2nd largest in the world) in the distance. Split can also be seen if you know where to look. Trademarks of the northern community.

Location: Tuktoyaktuk, NT

 Titled: "Solitary"

The northern lights dancing above the police truck on a crisp cold night. Parked on the newly constructed Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway linking the two communities all year round.

Location: Tuktoyaktuk, NT

Titled: "Night Shift"  →→→→

A police cruiser captured under a portion of the Milky Way. Tucking away in a park trying to avoid the light pollution of the city.

Location: Outskirts of Halifax, NS

Titled: "Stairs to the Heavens"

In this captivating photograph, a police cruiser stands as a symbol of security and order against the breathtaking backdrop of the night sky. The image showcases a clear, star-studded night with the Milky Way galaxy stretching across the heavens like a luminous river of light.

Location: Lawrencetown, NS

Titled: "Activated"

The car's red and blue lights pierce through the falling snow, casting a vivid hue that cuts through the darkness. The steady glow of the RCMP car's headlights provides a sense of reassurance and protection, symbolizing the unwavering dedication of law enforcement to serving and safeguarding the community.

Location: Halifax, NS

Titled: "Twilight Patrol"

In this evocative photograph, an RCMP car stands amidst the atmospheric backdrop of a gloomy sunset, captured using a long exposure technique. The scene has a sense of moody tranquility, where the fading light of the sun paints the sky with muted hues and casting an ethereal glow over the landscape.

Location: Halifax, NS