My interest in photography started in my childhood with the use of a disposable camera. It never really came to fruition until I moved to the Northwest Territories. I spent time in three remote communities over seven years. From the first time I witnessed the Northern Lights I was immediately drawn to the beauty. Using just a basic DSLR I attempted to capture them. I taught myself through trial and error. That lead me to upgrading my gear to better suit my needs as well as producing better final images.

Knowing that I would be leaving the north and the niche of the Northern Lights I understood I would need to expand on my work. I always had an interest in the night sky since being a child, having a father who was an amateur astronomer aided that. So using my knowledge from shooting the northern lights I transition those skills into capturing the night sky. Specifically shooting the Milky Way. I continue to expand on my work and I am slowly building a deep-sky object imaging set up.

I continue to branch my photography as I find new subjects I enjoy shooting. Such as my snowflake collection I am slowly building. It's a very technical and time exhaustive subject, but the results make it well worth it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Chris Kelly